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Peter Shakes New Zealand

Thanks for the enjoyable trip across the Simpson Desert Eddy It's certainly a spectacular place and in a way, we were lucky to have that rain before we arrived that made the desert bloom overnight almost. For me the highlight was day 3 where the sand was still slightly wet from the rain and you could blast along like the bike was on rails To be frank, when we booked, you rated the ride as easy and that isn't entirely true. It's actually quite hard riding in that soft sand and it takes good a day to get used to it, but once you master the technique, it's fun Your advice to take it easy as there are lots of 4x4 coming down the track needs to be listened to, as I grabbed too much front brake in panic at 80 km after seeing a line of 4x4 around a blind corner I'm sure your bike cartwheeled a few times and to only bend the handlebars , was pretty lucky on my part. Next time I will pay more attention to your wisdom If you get anybody wanting a heads up on what to expect, you are welcome to have them email me on All I'll say, is it's value for money, the route you take is excellent, the fly’s and mosquito's are terrible so bring a hat net , the bikes are ideally suited for the trip, but if your short like me, the 400's are a bit of a handful getting your leg over them . However if you don't like onions in your sandwiches every day, stay home, because that's the only way Eddy seems to know how to make them Regards Peter

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