Byron Bay Scooter Rental

The only way to get around Byron Bay is on a scooter!

Byron Bay Scooter rental

Byron Bay scooter rental

  • Perfect Byron Bay traffic beater, Sym 125 scooters reach a comfortable speed of 80km
  • We service the areas of Byron Bay, Lennox Head and Ballina.
  • Byron Bay scooter rentals is a mobile scooter rental business, we will drop off and pick up scooters for your convenience


  • 1 day $75 rental 24 hours 9:30 to 9:30
  • 2 days rental $135
  • 3 days rental $150
  • 4 days rental $ 180
  • 5 days rental or more $39 per day
  • Security bond $450
  • Late returns $50 per day
  • Pillion passenger helmet $10
  • Surf board racks $15
  • Byron Bay parking permit $24 (good value for rentals of 4 days and over)


  1. Open face riders helmet supplied
  2. Full tank of fuel
  3. Free drop off and pick up

To make a booking 

  1. Text the dates required for scooter rental to 0411089498 or fill out our contact page and we will get back to you
  2. Include your scooter deliver address (accommodation) if available
  3. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment

Byron Scooter tour if interested

Scooter rental terms/conditions

  1. Minimum age 21
  2. NSW road rules and licencing apply
  3. Must stay with in Byron Bay, Lennox Head and Ballina areas
    a. Must not cross the Pacific HWY
    b. Must not be ridden on unsealed roads
  4. Must return with a full tank of fuel
  5. Overseas visitors must produce their passport
  6. For identification from renter we need a copy of:
    a. Passport or licence
    b. Credit card matching your passport or licence
  7. Security bond required $450 and will be refunded in full with safe return of scooter
  8. Damage caused to the scooter will taken out of your security bond 
  9. Agree to sign our form which states you have read and agree to the terms and conditions in our rental agreement upon scooter delivery
  10. Failure to meet the above condition will result in the cancellation
    of rental or loss of your security bond

Master Card or Visa accepted