Riding Skill Needed for Chosen Motorcycle Tour

Cape York riding skills needed for the tour

This is not a hard core tour and the level of difficulty in skill terns required is not high.

You should possess some dirt riding experience which would be a good start.

As the tour progresses it becomes gradually harder each day if you are a novice rider or new to off road riding.

For the riders who are not used to sand riding don’t sweet it, by the time we reach the first sections of sand hopefully you will be more comfortable with the sand before we get to the deeper sections.

There will be options for those of you who are unable to get the hang of sand riding, as in taking an alternative route.

Fitness levels needed: You will be on bike usually from 9am till 3:30 but there will be many breaks throughout the day such as lunch, tourist attractions stops and regrouping etc.

Simpson Desert riding skill needed for the tour

If you have never ridden sand before and you would love to cross the Simpson Desert by bike but if you are unsure of your skill leave needed then don’t worry! You can do it, it is not that hard..

You will of course receive assistance from our guides if needed. We encourage all riders to ride at their own pace, this is not race and we are in no rush! We want everyone make the crossing safely and have fun at the same time.

If all else fails or you have had enough for the day, you can just simply roll your motorcycle onto the trailer and jump into the truck.

Fitness level required: You will be on a bike usually from 9am till 3:30, we have many regrouping stages through out the day including lunch and dinner and maybe dessert not desert. This will be a real work out for your legs as you will be up and down in your saddle all day continuously for the 3 day crossing of the Simpson Desert, so just be aware of this and of course the odd occasion of paddling your bike up some hairy goat sand dunes (sometimes :)).

Able to ride a motorcycle in a safe manner and knowledge of general road rules regarding safety.

As above and be able to negotiate dirt roads and ride a bike for more that 4 hours in a day.

As all above and have some sand riding ability and be able to stand up on foot pegs.

As all above and be able to negotiate steep hill climbs and descents.

As all above and have a high level of bike awareness and be able to negotiate mountainous and rocky terrain.