Cape York Tour - 7 day 1300km

Welcome to our Cape York Tour page

This Cape York Tour is run in tropical north Queensland, it starts from Cairns and finishes at the most northerly tip of Australia.

If you have ever wanted travel through Cape York with all the creek crossings and tight sandy trails and beautiful rain forest, then this tour is for you.

We have used our years of experience of running our Cape York motorcycle tours to put together an exciting 4wd adventure package of Cape York.

This not one of those bus tours that stick to the main Cape York development road with limited access, this is a personalised adventure tour with limited numbers of people. We use fwd vehicles so we can gain access to special parts of Cape York so you can see a lot more…

Tour description in brief

This Cape York tour is a 7 day tour starting from Cairns and finishing at very top of Australia Cape York. You will fly back to Cairns on your return which is also spectacular in its own right but before that happens we have a lot to do and see.

This tour runs through some amazing tropical rain forests, hot open dusty Savannah plains following the great dividing range north. We have a lot of creek crossing to negotiate, some are easy and some might give you a fright but it is all part of the fun.

We have some Cape history to show you and hopefully we can bump into a couple of Cape characters who are always good for an entertaining laugh.

The tours general route on Google Map (approximate route only).
This route can change due to road or weather conditions.

Please read the highlights and look at our pictures of what you will expect to see and do, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Cheers Eddy


  • Mossman Gorge
  • Daintree
  • Bloomfield Track
  • Lions Den Hotel
  • Cook Town
  • Old Laura homestead
  • Lake Field NP
  • Musgrave Station
  • Sexchange hotel
  • Archer River
  • Batavia gold fields
  • Bramwell Station
  • Telegraph Track 
  • Fruit Bat falls/Elliot falls
  • Jardine river ferry crossing
  • The very tip of Australia
  • WW2 air wrecks
  • Swimming

A bit about Cape York 

Cape York is a wondrous place of adventure for Motorcycles, 4WD vehicles and travellers in general. 

It has its own unique plants and animals that exist in this region alone. 

It is steeped in history with the first maritime Dutch explorers, its Aboriginal past, its white explorers (Edmund Kennedy), gold mining and the settlers that opened up this remote tip of Australia. 

It is still remote in places yet touristy enough for those who are willing to navigate the many heavily corrugated dirt roads. 

This region has it all – from the savannah grasslands and mountainous Great Divide to the many crystal clear streams and rivers which make for great fishing.

What’s included in Cape York Tour

  • All breakfasts and lunches
  • Your 4×4 seat
  • Return flight to Cairns
  • Camping gear
  • Parks permit
  • Tour guide
  • 6×6 support vehicle
  • 4×4 tour vehicles
  • Mossam Gorge
  • Bramwell St Dinner and show

What’s not included

  • Alcohol, hotel coffees
  • Pub or Station Dinners


  • Camping under the million and one stars a night hotel
  • There are option if you would like to up grade your accommodation where possible.


  • Our tour support vehicle is an all-purpose 6×6 specially built.
  • 4×4 Landcruiser troop carriers spacious 5 passengers per vehicle


“Rough as Guts Outback Restaurant” will cater for this tour.

  • Breakfast: Solid breakfast to keep the rider going till lunch time
  • Lunch: Assorted sandwiches
  • Dinner: Station and pub 

What you need to bring

  • Personal luggage bag size try to keep it small as you don’t need the kitchen sink. Remember you are flying out on a smaller plane!
  • Sleeping bag, blow up pillow
  • Warm jumper for nights, woolen head warmer (beanie)
  • Casual clothing, foot wear (Joggers or thongs) swim ware, USB stick 50G, camera
  • Sun glasses, hat, sun screen, toiletries
  • Spending money e.g.: alcohol, souvenir, optional tours
  • Small camel back able to carry small items must also have water bladder