Cape York Motorcycle Tour 7 days

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7-days, 85% dirt touring, don't miss out, book early

Cape York Motorcycle Tours page welcomes you

Cape York Motorcycle Tours is run in tropical north Queensland Cairns and finishes at the most northerly tip of Australia.

If you have ever wanted to ride Cape York with all the creek crossings and tight sandy trails, then this tour is for you.

This tour is for motorcyclist with some off road motorcycle experience who just want to have a bit of fun along the way using our experience in this region.

This is not a hard-core motorcycle tour of Cape York but rather good riding at a friendly pace and touristy look around. On the way we will ride all the famous Cape York tracks that are featured in most motorcycle magazines.

If you have have been thinking about doing a Cape York motorcycle tour and are not sure if you can do it then this tour is for you.

Cape York Motorcycle Tours description in brief

7 day Cape York motorcycle tour starts from Cairns and finishes at Cape York. You will fly back to Cairns for your return journey which takes you over the spectacular east coast side of Cape York peninsula.
This tour runs through some amazing tropical rain forests, hot open dusty plains through Savannah country of Nifold Plains, some amazing sand trails with few creek and river crossing thrown in.

You will be expect to ride step clay hilly tracks, hot dusty open plains, deep sandy sections of trail, single track, traverse creek crossings, dirt and bitumen roads.

Book with us and we will guarantee you will have a great time.

Cheers Eddy

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Cape York Motorcycle Tours point of difference

  • Access to privately owned cattle properties
  • Access to traditional aboriginal owned lands
  • Suzuki DRz400
  • Best value and price by far
  • This is a 7 day tour so you will see more
  • We ride the full Telegraph track Sth & Nth tracks
  • Awesome support truck especially built for motorcycle tours
  • We run a professionally organised motorcycle tour
  • Expect to have some great meals
  • We have been running the Cape York tour since 2008

A bit about Cape York 

Cape York is a wondrous place of adventure for Motorcycles, 4WD vehicles and travelers in general. 

Cape York has its own unique plants and animals that exist in this region alone. 

The Cape is steeped in history with the first maritime Dutch explorers, its Aboriginal past, its white explorers (Edmund Kennedy), gold mining and the settlers that opened up this remote tip of Australia. 

Cape York is still remote in places yet touristy enough for those who are willing to navigate the many heavily corrugated dirt roads and sandy trails. 

This region has it all – from the Savannah grasslands and mountainous Great Divide to the many crystal clear streams and rivers which make for great fishing.

Group bookings

  • Max group size of 12
  • Group books also have the option extra day fishing or island hoping tour (additional cost) 
  • If you are a group please get in contact with us if you need more info

How to make a booking

  • Hit the “Book Now” button and follow the prompts
  • We require a nonrefundable deposit of $550 per rider
  • Read our terms and conditions

Cape York Motorcycle Tours Highlights 

  • Creb Track
  • Lions Den Hotel
  • Cook Town
  • Lake Field NP
  • Musgrave Station
  • Fishing opportunities
  • Bramwell Station
  • French Track
  • Telegraph Track (Sth & Nth)
  • Amazing waterfalls 
  • WW2 air wrecks
  • Five beaches run
  • Swimming

What is included

  • Motorcycle
  • Fuel
  • Camping gear
  • Ferry pass
  • Parks permit
  • Tour guide
  • Lead and sweep riders
  • Breakfast and lunch meals
  • Bramwell St dinner & show
  • Cape to Cairns return flight
  • 6×6 support vehicle

What is not included

  • Alcohol, hotel coffees
  • Station and pub dinners
  • Smoko at Daintree village
  • Any meals at Seisia or Bamaga

Riding briefing each day

  • Riders are briefed each night for the next days riding conditions by tour lead rider

Meals and alcohol

“Rough as Guts Outback Restaurant” will cater for this tour.

  • Breakfast: Varied breakfast to keep the rider going till lunch time
  • Smoko: Where possible
  • Lunch: Assorted sandwiches, BBQ
  • Dinner: Available at stations or roadhouses at your cost
  • Alcohol is available at station properties, we can transport your alcohol in our truck


  • Look at our motorcycle page for more info on our fleet of tour motorbikes
  • We require a $1300 security bond, refunded in full on safe return of motorcycle

Support Vehicle

  • Our tour support vehicle is an all-purpose 6×6 specially built for motorcycle tour support
  • Will carry all your luggage so you will only ride with small camel pack
  • USB and 240v charging ports for phones and cameras
  • Ample 500 liters fuel supply from its 3 on board fuel tanks
  • Carries all our food and cold drinks


  • Camping under the million and one stars a night hotel
  • One tent and matters per rider

Return flight and tour departure date

  • Return flight and tour departure date maybe subject to change depending on return flight availability

Prior to departure for the Cape York motorcycle tour

  • We require you to sign our indemnity form before departure, this is to acknowledge that we cannot guarantee your safety on a motorcycle and to recognize motorcycling is a dangerous activity 
  • We require full payment 6 weeks prior from tour departure

What you need to bring on our Cape York motorcycle tour

  • Personal luggage bag (water and dust proof) try to keep it small as you don’t need the kitchen sink. Remember you are flying out on a smaller plane!
  • Motorcycle riding gear e.g.: Helmet, Boots, Jacket, Gloves etc
  • Sleeping bag, blow up pillow
  • Warm jumper for nights, woolen head warmer (beanie)
  • Casual clothing, foot wear (Joggers or thongs) swim ware, USB stick, camera
  • Sun glasses, hat, sun screen, toiletries
  • Spending money e.g.: alcohol, souvenir, optional tours
  • Camel pack for hydration and have the ability to carry a cut lunch 

Cape York Motorcycle Tours 7 Day itinerary 1300km
Please read this page carefully so you know exactly what you are getting from our Cape York motorcycle tour.

Day 1 Cairns to Lions Den Hotel (CREB Track) 240km
The first day of the tour we depart Cairns and ride along the Captain Cook HWY with its magnificent views overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We stop at the beautiful Daintree village for Morning tea, there after we hit the the CREB Track with our first crossing the wonderful Daintree River followed by more creek crossings and mountainous hilly trails. As we finish with the CREB Track we will have lunch next to the beautiful Bloomfield River. Our afternoon riding see’s us continue through some more lush rain forest making our way to the Lion’s Den hotel for a well-deserved beer/swim and and an awesome meal from the restaurant for dinner that evening.

Day 1 alternate route if CREB Track is closed.
We will take the ferry across the amazing Daintree river then traverse along the Bloomfield Track which has many creek crossing, steep hill climbs and glimpses of the Pacific ocean through the rain forest canopy. This is awesome ride, visually spectacular but no quite as challenging as the CREB Track but still a fantastic ride and finally end up at the Lions Den Hotel for the evening.

Optional fishing Yes
Mobile phone coverage No
Showers, toilets yes
Licenced bar yes

Day 2 Lions Den, Lakefield NP (Rinyirru), Musgrave Station 300km
Breakfast will be beneath the rain forest canopy when done we will ride into tropical Cook Town and check out the light house on Grassy Hill lookout overlooking the Endeavour River and the splendid Pacific Ocean. We will ride to Isabella Falls for morning tea, there after we take Battle Camp Rd and crossing the Normanby river the first crossings for the day, this will take us to Old Laura Station where you get the chance to explore the old home stead. Before lunch you get to ride through the hot and dusty plains of Cape York Savannah country where we will have the lunch near Kennedy’s Bend water hole. There after a short ride through to arrive at our next camp site on the Normanby river at Kalpower Crossing to relax and unwind and enjoy the beauty of the place. You will have the chance to through in a line if you so wish to search for that allusive Barra, at the crossing you may even spot a Croc or two in the evening on the cause way.

North to South bound tour at Isabella Falls we have a BBQ lunch and a swim and on a hot day it is brilliant.

Optional fishing Yes
Mobile phone coverage No
Showers, toilets yes

Alternative campsite of Musgrave Station is a great second choice campsite if Kalpower is not available. It has a beautifully maintained soft lawn for campsites, watered daily so it is always green with kangaroos/wallabies sneaking through the fence of an evening to feed. On dusk the fresh water crocodiles are feed from the lagoon, this is a sight to see the fresh water croc’s walking out from the water eating the chunks of meat with their razor sharp teeth. Musgrave is also great place to watch the road trains passing near by the station of the evening.

Mobile phone coverage Yes with station Wifi
Showers, toilets yes
Licenced bar yes

Day 3 Lakefield NP to Archer River (Exchange Hotel Coen) 233km
The day will see us ride out of Kalpower Crossing as we start heading north on a few station tracks, passing many billabongs along the way with ample bird life to look at. The tracks will turn into less frequented trails and tight sandy sections for you to enjoy with a few creek crossings thrown in for good measure. We will meet up with the truck for lunch and there after ride through some more tight trails before arriving at the township of Coen to have a beer at the famous Exchange Hotel. The rest of day will see us drop in at the Coen quarantine station for an interesting visit where you can ask any questions from the station officer. The rest of the day will see us wind our way to Archer River for our evenings camp.

Mobile phone coverage: Coen Yes, Archer River Yes with station Wifi
Hot showers, toilets yes
Licenced bar yes

Day 4 Archer River to Bramwell Station (French Track) 205km
Leaving Archer River we will follow the road into Lockhart River to inspect the remains of the historic Batavia goldfields and her hidden secrets before continuing on to cross the steep backs of the Pascoe River. The Frenchman’s Track is one of the high lights of the days riding with plenty of sand and creek crossing to negotiate. We will arrive the famous Moreton Telegraph Station for lunch on the green grassy lawns. The rest of the afternoon is a lazy ride into Bramwell Station, make camp and enjoy the evenings entertainment usually a one piece band along with a great outdoor smorgasbord BBQ dinner (definitely a highlight).

Day 4 alternate route 165km
If the Pascoe and Wenlock rivers are impassable due to flooding we will not be taking he French Track. The itinerary for the day will be Batavia goldfields and there after smoko, we take the Peninsula Developmental road to Moreton Telegraph station for lunch, swim and a fish before making our way up to Bramwell station to finish off the day.

Mobile phone coverage Yes with station Wifi
Showers, toilets yes
Licenced bar yes

Day 5 Bramwell Stations to Jardine River (Tele Track Sth & Nth) 156km
We leave Bramwell Station and refueling at the Junction so we can get straight into the Telegraph Track. We have plenty of time up our sleeve for the day to ride full length of Telegraph Track which will take all day with her many sand stone creek crossing and sandy trails of fun!!
The southern section of the Telegraph track include all the famous creek crossings such as steep banks of Palm CK, impossible Gun Shot Ck and Cockatoo Ck just to name a few.
Along the way we will stop at Fruit Bat falls for a relaxing swim followed by BBQ lunch. The Northern section of the Telegraph Track see’s more fabulous creeks and sandy trails for rest of the day, there after we making our way to the banks of the magnificent Jardine River were we will make camp for the night next to this super clear tranquil river, you might even possibly get to see or hear some Crocs. 

Optional fishing Yes
Mobile phone coverage No
Showers, toilets yes

Day 6 Jardine River to Cape York to Seisia (Five Beaches run) 150km
In the morning we will leave our camp for a final days riding and cross the Jardine river on the local ferry heading for the top of Australia, on the way checking out some WW2 air wrecks and ride the Fly Point 5 beaches before heading into a tropical rain forest.  We park our motorcycles and walk over a rock escarpment reveling breath taking views to the most norther tip of Australia and celebrate the ride at Cape York’s most northerly point sign with a picture, a memory you will cherish for a long time. Before lunch we will ride back into town and finish the ride off with a couple more small trails, drop into the Croc Shop were the friendly staff will help you out with your souvenirs, there after we will ride into Seisia to make camp to rest and unwind. The Seisia wharf is always a hive of activity and a very interesting place to visit as barges come and go, watch them being unloaded and loaded. There are always many locals fishing off the wharf and is interesting to see what they have caught, the afternoon free time is perfect for your chance have a look around.

The south bound tour will see us camp on banks of the Jardine river, we will arrive there by 2pm so this will give you plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the place, have a cold beer (BYO), flick a lure to see if you can land a Barra but you defiantly can’t go swimming as there are big crocs in the river! 

Optional fishing Yes
Mobile phone coverage at Seisia Yes
Showers, toilets yes
Licenced bar operating on Cape York time yes

Day 7 fly out
Flying out of Cape York (Bamaga Dept 9:30 am to Cairns Arrive 11:30 am).
Flying into Cape York (Cairns Dept 2:00 pm to Bamaga Arrive 4:00 pm).

South bound tour
The tour from Cape York to Cairns is the same route as the tour going from Cairns to Cape York the only difference it is done in reverse, you will not miss a thing and have just as good of a time.

Tour summary
This is not a hard tour, designed for the average weekend rider. 
This tour is a laid back touristy look around the Cape riding all the famous Cape trails. This tour requires you to have a bit of fitness about you.
You will be expect to ride step clay hilly tracks, hot dusty open plains, deep sandy sections of trail, single track, traverse creek crossings, dirt and bitumen roads.
We try to finish up at a reasonable hour each day so you can relax, unwind, enjoy a cold beer, laugh and have look around at the end of the days riding.
Some section maybe be challenging for riders it will depend on riders individual skill level but generally nothing too hard.
If you cannot handle some of the riding we have alternate routes for less capable riders when the harder sections present them selves nearing the top.
We schedule our tours in the best time of the year weather wise for you to enjoy!
At the end of the day you are going to get great value for your money and have a great time.